Dina  |  She/Her

SnoW Day in the Future

Stockholm, Sweden
Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests

Session 3: December 12, 2022

I’m from Sweden. I live in Stockholm, which is the capital of Sweden, and I am going to tell you about a memory that I have from when I was five, six years old.

I remember, it was this snowy and cold day in December. And me and my older brother, William, and my parents, we decided that we were gonna go sledding. So we put on all of our warmest clothes, and we went to the nearest park, and we were there for like hours, just going up and down the slope, racing each other, laughing. And I remember that I was (laughs)—I was sitting on the sled, and I was just like yelling at my dad, like, “You have to turn right!” Because he was about to hit a tree!

And, yeah (taking a moment to remember)—it was just the best day. And by the time we left, it was dark, and it was still snowing. And there were these lights, lighting up all the roads, and it was really like Christmastime, and I was seeing people walking around with Christmas trees, and my dad was dragging my sled after him, and I was sitting on it. And I remember that I lay down on it, and I… was just looking up into the sky, and I felt all of these snowflakes on my face. And you, know, I just thought, “What a marvelous thing snow is! It’s beautiful!”

And I often think about that memory, when I imagine what a perfect snow day is supposed to be like. But even though it’s a beautiful memory, it also gets me a bit upset. Because, like every year since that day, the summers have been getting a lot warmer, and we have been getting less snow every winter. And…like every time the snow melts away, it’s like a reminder of what is happening.

And by not doing something, we are ruining the future, for all of our coming generations. And, I mean, we are the only people who can fix this. And you know, that is why I’m telling you all this story, because I want change. I want every little girl who is going to be living in my town in the future to be able to experience her perfect snow day, just like I did.

Thank you.

Dina is a 13 year old student at Enskilda gymnasiet and also at Calle Flygare Theatre School in Stockholm, Sweden.