Aquayemi-Claude  |  He/Him

Signature Uniqueness/
House Arrest

London, UK
Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests

Session 7: March 14, 2023

Hello, Hello, Hello 

I call… 

While I’ll sleep here too, I feel the coldest nights go by. 

Where I’m under House Arrest 

While I have no choice but to sleep on a wooden floor, with no comfort, with no warmth but my voice to amplify my voice 

While I have complex needs with hidden disabilities, who is a Young Black Male Activist / Campaigner. Who is calling for systematic change in Equity and Climate Justice. 

While I’m stripped Bare from life, to breathe, to live, to see another day. 

While campaigning I am Physiologically abused for nearly half of my life, bullied, threatened and harassed by Public Sector & Social Services. To my own first years Educational life in local mainstream Education at eight half years of age. Who are not Educationally Qualified, however being directed by a not fit for purpose misconduct local authority by the name of Achieving for Children. When this is a matter of payment, accountability with delivery has been asked, but falls short to be seen. After six years of being denied an Education. 

While there was a victory for a short time after a six years’ battle by Mother of Pearl, for entitled human right of an Education by individual choice. However this Local Authority of Richmond Upon Thames Council by the name of Achieving for Children, could not bear but to sabotage the victory. With unlawful misconduct behavior. Which went against Human Rights and Duty of candor in the element of Special Educational Needs. 

While Education must always be about Education. My Educational years will never be returned back, my Educational years are not a Refund or a Buy one get one Tree. Trees are for the environment to breathe for another, breath for our one Earth. 

While we then find my case having a plus continue lost provision road of being denied Education since 2017. 

While facing Homelessness to being asked to pay for rent as a result of not being entitled due to the shortfalls within my education. When the Educational Profile has been doctored by the very misconduct local authority, of an individual who does not have hidden disabilities and an individual who is able. When I am not able and I have hidden complex disabilities. 

While: each day, I ask myself why am I discriminated against, why am I who I am, why am I discriminated against for my high complex creative high IQ. Is it a crime to be a passionate individual about Education, when we are never too old to learn or to be educated? 

While we call for the importance of Equity, we call for systematic change, we call for world peace, we call for the Paris Agreement, we call for Lost and Damaged, we call for
independent anti-corruption / money laundering task force to be created, we call for a non-commodity society, we call for Climate Justice, we call for British New Voting System, we call for British Sovereignty, we call for an Abolishment of NATO for enabling international peace, we call for Independent Investigation of all Local Authorities especially Richmond Upon Thames Council, Achieving for Children, with the important element of a Public Inquiry. 

While a list of vital demands could go on, I share this real continued experience story, which gives a glimpse of my House Arrest neglected narrative. With the world’s message of social change. 

We are unstoppable, anything is possible. 

Find your own inner Signature Uniqueness.

Aquayemi-Claude is from London, Richmond Upon Thames, Surrey, England, United Kingdom. He is a 25 year old student, author, and activist in reducing inequality, inclusion rights and quality of education. He is also a Youth Delegate, Young Leader, Young Trustee, Youngo Member, Entrepreneur, CEO, Founder, Keynote Public Speaker and Philanthropist, who has completed projects and programs with the following: Y7 UK Future Leaders Network, United Voices, Ubuntu United Nation, Unite 2030, International Youth Network, Sustainable Development Network, Younga, YOUNGO, Queens Commonwealth Trust, One Young World, Global Citizen, Global Changemaker, Million Peacemakers, Young Minds, Minds Charity, Reach Out2All, Mental Health Foundation, Diana Award, UN1FY, Fridays For Future, The Youth Assembly, “Garnetts Clothing Brand & Range and The Claudes SEN Law Campaign.” He created and founded a non-profit clothing business: GCBR and TCSL campaign, “Garnetts Clothing Brand & Range and The Claudes SEN Law Campaign.”