Yudi  |  He/Him

I Have Thirteen Nephews


Session 5: February 2, 2023

I hope you can hear me well. 
This is a story about how I became a climate justice activist. 
Yeah. Here we go. 

I first heard about climate change in 2019, when the IPCC said that we have twelve years to limit climate change. Since then, I have experienced climate anxiety, and I am worried about the future of my thirteen nephews, who are threatened by the climate crisis. 

I have thirteen nephews. They are very funny. Their smiles are very sweet. My nephews are the reason I became a climate justice activist. My nephews have the right to live a decent life. They have the right to a healthy environment. They have the right to live on a livable Earth. 

I don’t want to see my nephews’ sweet smiles disappear because of the climate crisis. Every time I hear the news of the climate crisis, I immediately feel sad, because I have thirteen nephews who are threatened by the climate crisis. The people of my country, Indonesia, are part of the Most Affected Peoples and Areas.

I worry all the time, because the climate crisis threatens our lives. I’m furious with world leaders who let us face heatwaves, droughts, pandemics, flooding, extreme rains, and ecological disasters every day. And I’m very angry with the corporations that have endangered the future of my thirteen nephews. 

Thank you.

Yudi is a national coordinator of Extinction Rebellion Indonesia and also a campaigner at Debt for Climate International Movement, which fights against the colonial trap and challenges the neo-colonial agenda of financial oppression through illegitimate debts imposed on global south countries by the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Paris Club, and G7. In 2020, Yudi initiated the Extinction Rebellion local chapter Makassar. He has also been organizing and educating his people and students about climate crisis issues. He attended COP26 in the UK and COP27 in Egypt.