Precious  |  She/Her

Green and Thriving

Tropical and Subtropical Grasslands, Savannas, and Shrublands

Session 11: June 19, 2023

I started getting involved in climate activism about six years ago. I grew up surrounded by forests—the beautiful green forest in my village, in particular. It nurtured in me an early love for nature. As I grew older, the forest was slowly cleared, and I was overwhelmed with sadness. As I mourned the loss of my beautiful green forest, I grew increasingly determined to engage in climate activism, and I started planting trees. I began by planting trees in my village, and today I continue to dedicate my time and effort to this calling, working to expand my activism by inspiring others.

Since I embarked on this journey, I have managed to create awareness in my village through the planting of trees. I see this as a great achievement both at the personal and the community level. The main challenge I have encountered as an activist in Zambia is a lack of awareness. How can I convince people that there is climate change? How do I make them aware of the challenges and impact climate change has on their daily lives? In answer to this, I have started to engage youth in my community to strike with Friday for Future. Together, we march and demand climate action now.

I am the founder of Citizens’ Network for Community Development Zambia. I established the organization to inspire climate action and to raise awareness through campaigns and local solutions to climate change issues. I am a trained Climate Reality Leader, and I work with Climate Live in order to meet others from around the world who are also working on climate issues. My organization’s primary aim is to connect young people and to educate them and encourage them to participate in local political processes. Citizens’ Network for Community Development Zambia is the only local Zambian organization educating young people about the relationship between community development and the environment.

My personal aim is to help make other young people more aware of the human impact on the environment and the direct outcome of this on their lives. I believe that together we can pave the way in Zambia for a green and thriving future.

Precious is a youth climate justice activist in Zambia and is passionate about achieving debt justice and climate justice. She has been a prominent youth leader with Extinction Rebellion (XR), Zambia Climate Save (CL) Debt for Climate Zambia (D4C) as well as Fridays for Future (FFF) Zambia. Her actions are always directed at local community, as she firmly understands the notion that individual action is inspired by thinking globally but acting locally. As a young person in Zambia, she works with young people to amplify their voices and pave the way for a thriving, Greener future.