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Flooded Roots

Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Tropical and Subtropical Grasslands, Savannas, and Shrublands

Session 9: May 24, 2023

My story is one of movement, of activity and reactivity. 

I think that, like many good stories, it starts from the history of my family and my roots. My family is originally from Sichuan, China. They would move to Tucson, Arizona before I was born: one of the driest deserts in the United States. The home of the Grand Canyon, under the hot, hot sun—that is where I was born.

A couple of years after our acclamation to this desert environment, we moved once again, to Houston, Texas, where I call home. Houston sits on the curve of the Gulf of Mexico, a body of water which connects us to the Atlantic Ocean and the rest of the world. When I first moved there, we were immediately greeted by the BP oil spill, and then later again by floods and hurricanes that damaged our neighborhoods, flooded our land, and meant that we were unable to attend school for months on end because of the lack of access to basic roads. I remember kayaking through the river that used to be my driveway to go places and being locked in our homes during a time before the pandemic. 

I think that these experiences have been incredibly radical, because I think that these are experiences that people shouldn’t have to go through. That’s what has encouraged me to work on climate now, so that others maybe don’t have to face similar experiences, so that their stories can be written in different ways. I think, in the future, it would be really amazing to work on something at the intersection of the US and China and connect these two parts of my background, which I think are very integral to who I am as a person, to my story. I would like to help ensure that people, especially in China, can also share their stories, because I know that for many people, this is not the case, even though all of our stories should be heard, especially in developing countries.

Angela is a first-generation Asian-American Harvard sophomore. She is studying economics with a secondary in environmental science public policy and a citation in Mandarin. Hailing from Houston, Angela has felt the impacts of natural disasters and climate change first-hand. Though she is currently on a gap year, she previously served as her school’s first-ever Minister for Climate and Sustainability on the Undergraduate Council Executive Cabinet. Angela is passionate about youth climate advocacy and was fortunate enough to represent youth at US Institute of Peace Conference, Rotary World Peace Conference, ECOSOC Youth Conference, EarthX 2022, Stockholm+50, C40 Cities Summit, and many more. She currently serves as an intern for the UN Capital Development Fund and enjoys figure skating in her free time. Learn more about her at: